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Thursday, August 7, 2014

dreamt of multiverse.

#God #AsohYukiko #son #dream #life
dreamed of grandson. ^ in nap dreamed a grandson dragged his toy boat in the house under grandpa's custody. his boat travels really the world, meeting storm, sailing all deferent seas. he mastered the sail but his grandpa just wouldn't stop his anxiousness and gossips in the old house where his grandson toddled with his toy boat. I in dream so dear with them, likely of my family. It's a sunshine morning, like yesterday's. but I was concerned with a loan promised by my senior middle school alumnae. last dusk with the gospel, I visited my son. he was on way to his swim lesson with his mom. I followed him and first time visited the stadium. the area is spacious and green. lots of kids playing different sports there. we dined out when son done his lesson. my son hesitated on way to training, but turned smart and talkative on way back.the day before yesterday I also fetched him to dine out, for cheering him up among sadness of loving his parents, for enduring of our poor earthy life, also for threats from mafia and ruling tyrant of PRC behind the curtain. in his way I made right decision as the Son, the way to save the world, esp China under darker rein of ruthless and lawless nowadays, out of unexceptional. this week I also reckoning claim a domain for my Queens, emagarten. I concocted it years ago for my son's mom's career, English teaching. now I felt kindergarten and garden surely my haunting interest. I want to hold it for my future family, my children coming soon. God, ur affirmative brings actions. pl allow me progress after fears and burning restlessness of hoping. makes my world better with advance. grant me moving among debts and shorts.

photo description: an unexpected visit when son joining his swim lesson his mom arranged. with a promised but unlikely loan, I insisted treat him after his exercise and with inspiration. here son before entering the parents free swim training base. he surely turned lightened on way to dine out and back home. OMG, we didn't eat like a king. here warrenzh and his mom before his lesson